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Love it 😍

Although I’m not in the 60’s gang, (soon to be 50) I absolutely love listening- Karen and Kay are hilarious and they have brilliant guests. Thank you for the podcast.

Laugh Out Loud

I was a massive Rab C. fan back in the day and can’t miss an episode of Two Doors Down so it was great to hear Elaine C. Smith being interviewed. Her take on life and her way of talking is so funny and made me laugh out loud so much so I’d love to see her ‘live’ stand up show.


Just 2 real friends having a laugh with guests. But it’s also real conversation too with a brilliant insight into peoples’ lives. As a 50 year old, it’s helped me look forward to my 60s!

Eamonn Holmes 5* Guest

The interview with Eamonn has been the best so far. It’s so refreshing to hear someone unafraid to speak their mind in this dreadful era of the ‘cancel culture’ that we find ourselves in today. Eamonn was candid, warm, funny and in places very emotional. A delight to listen to.


Thank you Kaye & Karen. What a great episode with Sue Cleaver. She was very inspirational. I took away some of her mind set that will help me move forward towards 60! Xxx

Awful blo*dy music

Come on guys, this music is depressing.Celebrate the 60s….’Age is a privilege denied to many’ The lady’s are great together… I particularly love Karen.Most of the guests are interesting( give or take a couple)

So Good!

I have spent the last couple of days ‘chatting’ along with you both!! My husband keeps asking who I’m talking to…is that a sign of getting older when you answer/ chip in to conversations on the radio/ podcast?! Who cares?!


New to the podcast but already loving it! Light hearted and funny whilst addressing thoughts most of us have about getting older. Just brilliant. Thank you !!

Laugh out loud podcast

Kaye and Karen are hilarious. What a sense of humour they both have. The guests have been great so far. I am off work sick at the moment and these podcasts are cheering me up. Thanks so much ladies. I loved Shuvon’s story about her campervan!

At last a podcast for older women

Well done Kaye and Karen, it’s funny and informative all in one show. Keep up the good work, for us ‘ oldies’.

Bloody brilliant

For someone who is also approaching 60 at the end of the year; I am finding listening to Kay and Karen fascinating, brilliant and very very funny . Please keep them coming because you won’t believe how much change I am making because of these brilliant podcasts .


I listen while out on my fitness walks and just about pee myself laughing! I do get some odd looks 😂. Keep up the good work girls.

Janice Hamilton

Well worth the wait for this Podcast. I always listen just after midnight on Thursday night and was disappointed. Tried again numerous times all day and then Bingo !!!!! Great news about strictly. Looking very much forward to the fringe. Have a lonely week ladies. X x

No holds barred .. love, love it 😀

Frank and funny, love your guests but you 2 are brill thank you … helping a just turned 60 with no idea what to do next 🤣🤣🤗

Brilliant 🤩

Look forward every week to your podcast - really brightens up my day (well night lol) please do not stop making it when your turn 60 😳x

How to be 60

Excellent show -has made me laugh so much and really changed my perspective on turning 60 next year.

Kaye adams

Always loved Kaye Adams Love listening to Kaye on the radio my absolute favourite broadcaster. And loving this podcast ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Fab show

Absolutely loving this show! At nearly 52 you’re showing us we still have a lot ahead😊


Loving this podcast… at 53 been quite down about ageing, learning to embrace it .

Rachel Hammond

Absolutely LOVED it and binge listened because I couldn’t stop. Can’t wait for the next. Definitely for all ages. I am 42 and loved it. It definitely makes you think, but in a positive ‘I must get more out of life’ way. Thanks xxxxxxxx PS. Very, very funny too xxx


Before I retired Fridays were the day we all waited for - weekend starts here. Now that I have hung up the work suits it’s Fridays for How to be 60 day!!! Absolutely love this podcast ! Highlight of the week. You have to keep it going even after your birthday !

Love this!

How fantastic are we ‘third age’ women? Have just binged all available episodes in 2 days and can’t fault anything. Funny to serious and everything in between; great guests and all so relatable. If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about becoming 60, as Kaye clearly is, this is a ‘must-listen’.

Not 60 yet but!

Love anything that involves Kaye Adams and this podcast is just another amazing, fun & informative addition. Thank you 💕💕

Top class

Just caught up with all the pod cast up to now. So bang on. I just get what you waffle on about 🤣 be kind to Karen 🤣🤣

Great funny podcast

Just turned 60 this month, so far so good ! Embrace it Kaye, love hearing the bits I can relate to, ( and that’s a lot )

First podcast and loved it

This was the first podcast I’ve ever listened too and I really enjoyed it, will definitely listen to more


I absolutely love these podcasts, the banter between you two is brilliant also have the guests so far. I’ll be 60 next year.


Love these two together with their banter and been great guests so far!


Hilarious double act!!


A brilliant chat, thanx ladies, thoroughly enjoyed laughing along with you and , of course, relating to the subject. Shame it’s only once a week x