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Omg this is brilliant! Love how cheeky they both are to each other 🤣!!

Absolute Tonic !!!

As a 60 something insomniac I often listen to podcasts during early hours in the hope that they relax my mind and send me off to the land of nod. When I saw this on Kaye’s Instagram thought I’d give it a go as I love listening to her either on radio or Loose Women- OMG far from relaxing my mind it had me laughing out loud and this week’s is the funniest yet. I’ve recommended it to all my pals it’s so good so if you’re in need of cheering up please do yourself a favour and tune in. PS Karen’s voice was so familiar but to be honest I hadn’t heard of her but I’ve found out she’s Aggie McKenzie’s sister. Karen if you’re looking for a new career try stand up - you’re a natural. Thank you ladies I now can’t wait for Fridays- and think you should be sponsored by Tena as us old ladies need them because we’re laughing so much.

Love this podcast

I listen to this podcast while walking the dogs, I laugh a lot,relate to parts of the conversation,love the chemistry between them, their honestly and how it makes me feel lucky that I had no worries about turning 60. It really is worth a listen to.

Love this podcast

Love this approaching 60 podcast...I am now 61...had to have my 60th in Lockdown so could not go to Liverpool as planned for a 60s Beatles themed birthday so decorated the house in 60s theme bunting and had a pink cake...I love being in my 60s now...a few aches and pains but do Zumba at home to keep me fit, go out for regular walks and doing my crafts keeps me happy...Luckily am able to be retired after a nursing and midwifery career...Gardening keeps me very active too.This podcast is very entertaining and I agree I could not do some of the fast aerobics exercises now I am over 60.


Thanks for addressing this age . I’m approaching this this year. I don’t want to fade into the background like I feel I may do!

Fun, what else would you expect!!

Loved the show, and will definitely be recommending to others. Kaye is her usual self of fun, dry wit, and giving us life situations to ponder and consider! 5/5!!!!!

Loved it!

A totally hilarious partnership and great insight into the fears of turning older. Loved it!


Loved the banter…… so relatable! About time a podcast for us older women

Funny, sassy, smart

Kaye is always great value. She’s got a dry sense of humour which is acutely observational and she is intelligent. A great combination.


Love Kaye Adams! Can’t wait to listen. If it’s anything like for Instagram stories it will be full of laughter.